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An extremely stupid trend. Mainly, A person who believs they are "Gangster" because they wear white or black shirts that are 10 sizes too big and pants that hang on their knees. They listen to lil' wayne and think that they are "Bad ass" because they do drugs and graffiti buildings. Though, they are unaware of the fact that the real gangsters are the ones who lived a long time ago and actually went to prison for crime and actually being in a REAL gang that shot people. They only like other wanna-be gangsters and if your not a "gangster" too then they'll call you names. They often think their better then everybody else but their actually all just wannabes.

Trend- Guys:
-Bandana; either hanging from inside the back pocket or around the forehead.
-A hat; either sideways or backwards.
-A shirt that could fit their obese grandfather.
-Huge, baggy pants that sit under their butt and they have to hold their pants when they walk to keep them from falling down.
-Shoes that are 5 sizes too big.
-A fake diamond in one of their ears

-Shirts that they wore in kindergarden, showing off their stomach and belly ring.
-"Talk like dis, and calls all dem girls' hoes."
-Pants that are too small and leave their crack hanging out.
Wannabe-Gangster: "Ay, look at that guy over there with a lip piercing, let's go call him gothic 'cause we be straight up thugs"
Regular Person: "Dude you're a fag, go do something decent with your life.
by Plying purple people eater February 25, 2009

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