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The act of releasing one's sperm the instant a perverted thought enters one's head.
The lonely boy on the internet released an autocum the moment the girl who was really a guy sent him a message.
by Plumm April 05, 2011
Someone who is such a douche that they're like a living Mr. Clean, cleaning out vaginas til they're sparkly clean during intercourse in a completely boring and monotonous way. No one likes a Mr. Clean.
That guy is a total Mr. Clean for eating my sandwich.
by Plumm August 25, 2011
An old Victorian term for a prostitute.
That expensive laced mutton gave me chlamydia.
by Plumm July 26, 2012
The act of holding your breath while drinking liquid out of a girl's vagina.
Excuse me miss. I have terminal hiccups, and the only cure is to go snorkeling in your privates
by Plumm November 04, 2011

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