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When you just feel bad in general and cannot pinpoint the source. You have no symptoms of sickness such as a runny nose or nausea, but you really feel terrible.
I'm afraid I won't be bushhogging the field today, Betty. I feel like death eating crackers.
by Playon September 03, 2006
To expell gas. Flatulation. To Fart.
Is there a dead possum in here? No, Elyssa bubbled.
by Playon September 11, 2006
Very addictive drug that is deadly for the one smoking and anyone unfortunate enough to be around them. It is more powerful than family bonds. It causes the addict to stink long after the cigarette was snubbed out. They can trigger migraines as well.
I'm sorry Brenda, I'll have to drive a separate vehicle fifty miles to our sister's house as your cigarette smoking could trigger one of my migraines. Brenda say's "Ok, Betty. I'll drive my car and you can drive yours. I cannot do without my cigs that long. It would be nice to have your company but the cigarettes are my life."

Doris paid fifty dollars an ounce for that perfume only to smell like a nasty cigarette.
by Playon August 27, 2006
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