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4 definitions by Playfulgorilla

You know when you you go for a shit and it starts off small and tapers up to a fuckin huge drip shaped turd.....well imagine that bastard with nuts and sweetcorn!!!!
Joe: Wheres Nick?
Pete: Last time i seen him he was passin a pinecone in the bushes..
Joe: hope to fuck theres no squirrels around........
by playfulgorilla March 04, 2009
Usualy the substance transformation of plastic toys from china or firniture from MFI.
Its when cheap toys or gadjets break with no force realy applied, Hence they must be made of Shitetanium.
Joe: Awwww crap i just broke my mobile....

Nick: Obviously got that new Shitetanium casing on it then.....
by Playfulgorilla March 06, 2009
you know them ridiculous novelty furry handbags? kinnda looks like a giant dead squashed caterpillar?
Joe: What the fuck is that thing gillys got over her shoulder?

Nick: dunno,... think she ran over it on the way here,
she's gonna dance around it later...

Joe: Thats Splatterpillar Fashion for ya....
by Playfulgorilla May 06, 2009
the delicate art of stuffing ones thumbs in a ladys arse, and spreading the fingers out in a joyfull circular bliss around her buttocks, whilst in the act of doggy style.....
Nick: Is lisa allright? She seems to be walking a bit funny today......

Joe: she got jazz handed last night

by playfulgorilla May 13, 2009