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When you pull out and cum on your gf's teddy bear
My gf broke up with me last night after I ambushed paddington
by playa hater February 24, 2004
Cockney Racial slur. Short for "silvery moon", rhymes with coon.
That damn silvery stole my hubcaps
by playa hater February 24, 2004
A clothing line for small rodents, not unlike miniature Tommy gear
Did you see that gerbil's new richard gear? It be da bomb
by playa hater February 24, 2004
Supposingly the best dj alive?!
Jin look-a-like
Also looks like the asian guy outta da neptunes
Neek: WOW dat dj is sikhed
Average person: Shup u neeko hes wak
by playa hater April 11, 2005
noun: a person who is flamingly metrosexual yet is determined to convince everyone he is a pimp

adjective: extremely clumsy
getting stuck in that basketball net was an extremely arex ru act

you see that faggot over there trying to act all pimp by flashing his money to those ugly bitches? he's an arex ru
by playa hater December 19, 2004
a person that can hack a cs dm server like no other.
Likes to flick fast and never miss..
omg omg hax uleh
by playa hater December 08, 2004
Common greeting that dumbass rapstar smooth operators like to use when greeting each other - Likely a code for these idiots but really who cares
YO YO - what up Peacemaker ...you clubbin tonite - word up - naw what Im sayyn - Dragonfruit garden
by Playa Hater December 03, 2003

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