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1. confused
2. "burned"
3. wat i did to ur mom
1. I'm totaly bamboozelled!
2. Did you see how i bambozelled that guy?
3. Last night, your mom and I bamboozelled
by Playa Hata May 19, 2004
having to do with a blind ape in the streets of arkansas that has a fetish for plastic
Man, that zurilla ran over twenty-seven tourists yesterday.
by playa hata May 13, 2003
the holes put on shoes to allow the foot to breathe
Homie, my new shoes have over 10,000 tiblets!
by playa hata May 13, 2003
a huge woman weighing over a metric ton with red skin, long grungy nails, and kankles
Ain't nobody movin' up on my whaler!
by playa hata May 13, 2003
a term used to much to precede the name of muscisians
Lil' Bow Wow, Lil' Flip, Lil' Troy, and Lil' Romeo are all Lil'.
by playa hata May 13, 2003
a woman, teen, or adolescent who believes that she is a playa and hotter than she really is
That girl in my math class is pugly!
by playa hata May 13, 2003
A loose vagina
Dat ho had da fattest rabbit I eva seen!
by Playa Hata January 27, 2003
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