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any girl that drinks too much at a party or any social gathering and then starts dancing and stripping(she will not get paid this is done willingly but intoxicated).It is usually a white girl,but this phenomenon is not solely limited to white girls.
yo dude lets invite brads sister to our next frat party.Dude what for?We don't have enough cash for a real stripper so if we invite her and get her drunk she will magically turn into our very own ghetto stripper.
by PlayHeroes October 18, 2010
The act of making a sandwich and toasting it with a clothing iron.
haaayyyy! dorrel what happened to yo toaster, I needs to makes me a toasted pannini.Yo dawg I pawned my toaster to make my latest payment on my gold grill so just use the clothing iron to make yoself a ghetto pannini.
by PlayHeroes October 18, 2010

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