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118 definitions by PlayDohMan

a chinese spork that floods america's stores just like everything else in the store since china is pretty much making everything for america
Look at all those sporkenese children
by PlayDohMan April 25, 2004
a corndog cut in half and one homo sticks it up his ass and the other homo sticks it in his mouth and gives it a blow job then they connect the corndog while its still in they're orifices.
Jimmy did a mutilated corndog up Timmy
by PlayDohMan April 24, 2004
a place where you are sent to for misbehaving or if someone just hates and are forced to be tortured with sharp objects and raped up the ass by a happy meal gnome
also known as school
by PlayDohMan September 28, 2004
a deep fried journal usually spiced with rat feces, rat poison, urine, and bile. Served at mcdonalds for $2.99 and is eaten hot
mcjournals suck
by PlayDohMan May 13, 2004
weird little puppet things on sesame street and other little children's shows
big bird: hi kids today's weather is joint
cookie monster: big bird, thats not weather
Big bird: okay then today's letter is acne
Cookie monster: big bird, that a word not a letter
Big Bird: okay today's letter is 3
Cookie Monster: big bird thats a number not a letter
Big bird: no, but its the number of joints i smoked today
by PlayDohMan May 10, 2004
a slave on an ancient warship usually row underneath the deck of the ship
25 gay things to be when you grow up: #19 galley slave
by PlayDohMan May 11, 2004
1 a horny(lumber) man with an STD(dangerous) so making him dangerous lumber
2 someone who is at bat and when they hit the ball it goes and hits someone in the face
1 She got AIDS from that dangerous lumber
2 That dangerous lumber killed off my whole team
by PlayDohMan April 25, 2004