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A user who has a high volume of active torrents from several sources. Legitimacy of the torrents is irrelevant.
Murdok: Dude, are you downloading 45 torrents of that Ubuntu ISO?

John: Yes I am. I REALLY love Ubuntu

Murdok: John, You are such a Torrent Slut !
by PlayBoyMan September 03, 2011
The Sexual act of a Woman rubbing her breasts into a person's face without his/her consent.
Mark: Hey Steve, Jessica rubbed her boobs in my face! I wasn't even expecting it.

Steve: Dude, she just face raped you. Lucky Bastard
by PlayBoyMan May 28, 2012
A Can of soda or Beer that is transferred or temporally held between a woman's breasts.

Consumption of the beverage while still between the breasts is completely optional
Steve: Dude, that woman is holding a can of soda between her boobies!

Mark: That is a very nice Hooter Shooter.
by PlayBoyMan October 17, 2011

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