2 definitions by PlayBoyBates

From the word Nell, which means that one wants to fuck;

1) Nellson means someone that everyone wants to fuck.
2) Someone popular who everyone wants to consider a friend.
3) Someone who easily influences members of the other sex into doing things beneficial to themselves. (also see; pussy whipped OR owned.)
1) Boy 1 - "have you seen that new chick in role call?"
Boy 2 - "Oh yeah, she's a real Nellson"

2) "Oh my, look at Danny, he's a nellson for sure. Think he'll come to my party?"

3) Nellson - Can u do my homework craig?
Boy - I am supposed to be going to a mates birthday tonight, but i'll just stay home and do it instead.
by PlayBoyBates August 06, 2006
Street slang for dodgy or shit cocaine.
"that was shnez, i could have baked a cake with that"
by PlayBoyBates August 06, 2006

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