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slang for marijuana; refers to a joint, bowl, plant, or sac of marijuana
"Those young punks smoke the reefer"-Coach J
by PLAYBOY November 10, 2003
gettin head. when a girl orally pleases you. it involves suckin and is messy if not done correctly, hints the name.
"hey girl, how bout servin me up a slurpy"
by Playboy November 11, 2003
This is where your "calf" (Spelled incorectly with a "K" runs into your Ankle. Calf + Ankle = Kankle
DAYUM that girl got some KANKLES on her
by PlayBoy January 06, 2005
a person who you know well, a friend or sometimes name given to stranger in deal
"Yo cuz! What's up"
by PLAYBOY November 10, 2003
to ask someone if you have seen your new beeper and when they say no, wrap your penis around the edge of your hand and show the rolled section out the top of oyur pants or shorts.(Prefferably close to the victims face)
When he claimed to have not seen my new beeper, I decided to give him a Brunetti and make him cognizant of his error.
by Playboy March 31, 2003
refers to a bong, code for smoking out of bong
"Yo playa, let's go hit the gnob."
by Playboy November 11, 2003
when a girl is fussin' and yellin so much you can't even get a word in, she is on a bitch-o-rama.
"quit fussin' so much, you sound like your on a bich-o-rama."
by playboy December 04, 2003

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