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A school full of some of the biggest tools I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. A plague of douchebags ruining the beautiful area the school is in.

RWU student driving past a pedestrain (or in any situation on a small side-street) - speed up, rev your engine, fly past all the people in the houses or on foot, blaze your shit bro!, lettem know how hard you are (so fuckin' hard bro)

RWU student goals - staying LEAN (NOT thin - "thin? the fuck!"), gettin some trim late night from some little brunette skank ("buy hah breakfast? you fuckin serious brah?!"), tan tan tan ("spray uh uthahwise...fuckin' WHATEVA")

Dress Code: 2 options.
Flat-brim hat at about a 35-55 (depending on the week) angle (when passing one of these species, just say, "nice angle bro" and pound your chest once with a fist...they'll get it), OR
Hood up, while indoors - after all, who doesn't admire a good college boy looking like he's a convicted rapist trying to 'lay low' while googling about usher for $30,000 a year in the library (thanks mom and dad)
Combine both! (hood and hat), esp. in the dining hall at dinner. This shows how much of an ill-mannered, poorly-brought-up fag you really are.

(OK, The school of engineering is a slight exception...slight bro)
Roger Williams University Class of 'whateva bra...

choken up, guido accent, about to cry "I never woulda thought!...a douchebag guido like me...could get a college education. Thank you Roga Williams."
by Play Lacrosse Rhode Island July 02, 2009

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