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Another name for a Budweiser beer. If it is Budweiser original, then the "OG" suffix is added. Frequently shortened to merely "Doozula."
{Walking into a bathroom after someone shat in it} "Goddamn dude, that is the rankest shiest I've ever smelled. Did you drink some 'Doozulas last night or what?"
by Pize & Stive October 13, 2004
Term used when everything goes absolutely wrong, and you want to turn to the person next to you and cut their fucking face off with a dull knife, but due laws against murder, and the lack of carrying a dull knife, you opt to yell "Faget Fuck."
"What the faget fuck rapeshit! Why did you download all those shit eating videos on the internet?!"
by Pize & Stive October 13, 2004
To engage in a drive through the vast country side while consuming vast amounts of beer, usually 30 packs of Keystone Light, in order to become intoxicated and listen to random music. In rare cases one may spend the night in his car at the Zion Lutheran Church, or with his right foot depressing the brake pedal of his Nissan Xterra.
"Yo Pize, this party is wack, let's find some bitches and go old school it."

{After totaling your car} "Sorry officer, I was old schooling it."
by Pize & Stive October 13, 2004

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