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To describe an edible item of such awesomininity that other words fail completely. Far better than tasty or scrumptious, 'awesomelicious' will describe any food that is off the charts.
Bacon is such an amazing food, anything that touches it immediately becomes awesomelicious.

That peanut butter/bacon/banana sandwich was awesomelicious! I can't wait to have another one!

Dude, you have to try my mom's carrot cake. It's awesomelicious!
by Pixielo April 12, 2008
Acronumb: (adj.) to be thoroughly put off of a conversation due to its acronym content. The state of being so bored by a conversation that you could not understand, even with a dictionary and a geek translator.
(v) to be put off of a conversation inundated with the use of highly technical acronyms and jargon.

Dude, I was standing in line and these two Computer Science guys started talking...within three minutes, I was acronumbed.

Oh man, I was reading this military website, and I had to wrap my head around how they acronymize everything...by the end of the first page, I was acronumb. Too much acronymonics is just not a good thing if you are trying to entice kids to join the armed forces, they might develop acronymphobia.

I am always amazed at the way that your socially awkward cousin manages to be so damn acronymious, even at a party! I mean, a girl even tried to talk to him and he made her acronumb! What a geek!

Will you stop being so damn acronymatic? There are cool people here, and you are going to make them acronumb.
by Pixielo May 07, 2008

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