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2 definitions by Pixie Punk

Joe: "Dude, what are you doing?! Never por a ULO on yourself..."

Jonny: "Whatever" (bursts into flames) "ahhhh!!!" .
Or. .
Hannah: "Uhm... Anton, what are you drinking?.."

Anton: "idk... ULO..."

Hannah: "Ewe! Is that... GROSS!!!"

Anton: "What?! Omfg!!!" (pukes out his gutts) "bleh!!!!!"
by Pixie Punk July 29, 2011
The best guy friend a girl could have
(singing to himself)
Anton: round and round the record spins all day. So lets listen again it takes you far away...
(Phoebe jumps out from behind the bookshelf)
Phoebe: trying to stop it is futal!
(Anton freaks out)
Anton&Phoebe: so lets listen again to this musical doodle!

Anton: I like Ms. Conradadadda's hair.
Phoebe: Me too, I also like to sniff pie.
Anton: Same here

Anton: Paco
Phoebe: made a
Anton: chicken taco
Phoebe: up in
Anton: Gainesville

Anton: Virginia
Phoebe: made a
Anton: chicken Paco
Phoebe: in a
Anton: taco

"you ragamuffin!"
Anton&Phoebe: bahahahaha!!!

Phoebe: ragamuffin is a real word!

Anton: rapper bill Clinton raggamuffin ninja!!!

by Pixie Punk July 29, 2011