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a place one would go to in order to vomit
After eating so much at the picnic, Herbert used the lilac bush as a pukatorium. Then, he was able to continue eating.
by PittsburghCori June 01, 2010
Facebook posts proclaiming one's love of the Lord.
Tina: God is good! Thank you for this beautiful, sunny day, Lord. May God give me the strength to pass my kid off to her daddy without me kicking him in the throat.

Lori: Oy vey...Tina is blowing up my wall with her faithbooking, again.
by PittsburghCori May 30, 2010
Tranny sandals. Any over-the-top women's sandal. Platform, bling, strappy, et al.
Going to the club, strap on my trandals and watch me work the pole.
by PittsburghCori September 08, 2010

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