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10 definitions by Pitti-Sing

Pitti-Sing is a character in the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, The Mikado. She is the sister of Yum-Yum and Peep-Bo, and the ward of Ko-Ko. She, Ko-Ko and Pooh-Bah are falsely blamed for the execution of Nanki-Poo, and the trio is condemned to death. However, they are able to prove their innocence at the last possible moment, and Katisha arranges for them to be pardoned.

The role of Pitti-Sing is usually sung by a mezzo-soprano, but an alto could also play the role. She doesn't have any proper solos, but she sings a stanza by herself in "The Criminal Cried," and leads the chorus in "Braid the Raven Hair" and "For He's Going to Marry Yum-Yum."
Pitti-Sing may not be a major role in The Mikado, but she is still vital to the plot.
by Pitti-Sing June 23, 2006
The Lord High Executioner of Titipu in Gilbert and Sullivan's masterpiece The Mikado. Ko-Ko is usually played by a baritone. He is generally considered the male lead in this operetta, and while he sings during almost every song, his only true solos are "I've Got a Little List" and "On a Tree By a River."

At the beginning of the operetta, Ko-Ko has been condemned to death for flirting, but the Mikado releases him and makes him the Lord High Executioner. His ward Yum-Yum is to be his bride, but she is in love with Nanki-Poo, the Mikado's son, who is in turn lusted after by a noblewoman named Katisha. After the entire cast attempts multiple times to sort out their mangled love lives, Ko-Ko finds love with Katisha, and they sing their famed duet, "There is Beauty in the Bellow of the Blast."
Ko-Ko has been played by such talented actors as Martyn Green and Eric Idle.
by Pitti-Sing June 23, 2006
A mediocre "actress" who starred in the 2004 Hollywood butchering of The Phantom of the Opera. She is heralded as a capable soprano, but to me she sounds more like an alto with a slightly high range.

Anyway, she was born in 1986 and her birth name is Emmanuelle Grey Rossum. Besides Phantom, she performed in the movies Mystic River and The Day After Tomorrow.
Emmy Rossum is possibly the worst Christine ever.
by Pitti-Sing June 23, 2006