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when windows running mashines die, they show the infamous blue screen of death... a blue screen with a bunch of crap writing on it that basically tells you that your dumb computer finally met its end for today, aka crashed (but what it means is go buy yourself a Mac while you at it because they're alot better anyways). This screen is a fairly common occurance among windows users.... poor deprived people...
Joe- OH MY GOD MY PC IS SHOWING THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH..... AGAIN!!!! and i was just about to save my huge report! *sob*
Jennifer- oh im sorry, heres a kleenex. why dont you use my brand new iMac G5 to finish your report? it never crashes
by PitchBlackPony November 27, 2004
A wonderful company that sells amazing products like Macs, iPods, and software. Products sold from Apple Computers are almost always stunning, fast, powerful, and rarely crash or cause other problems. Apple's main product, the Macintosh computer, is argueably the best computer in the world (specifically the G5). It runs on OS X, but is highly compatable, too. It is also equipped with a UNIX core, accessable through the Terminal. Basically it totally kicks microsoft's pathetic butt.
Jennifer- I bought a brand new iMac G5 and iPod Photo at Apple Computers, and i still cant get over how well they work!
Joe- oh really? i just bought a new PC at some dumb PC retailer and it really..... uhm.... sucks. yea.... it crashes alot and likes displaying the blue screen of death...
by PitchBlackPony November 27, 2004
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