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State school in Milwaukee. Home of the Panthers. Horizon League. Formerly known As -Wisconsin Teachers College. One of the top schools for architecture in the country. School of Business is strong. Accounting program takes pride in their graduates performance on the CPA Exam. School of the Art's is building. Accepting and receptive to LBGT. Transforming itself from a commuter school to a first class campus. Broad spectrum of political viewpoints, left and right, compared to it's ultra liberal, better known, Wisconsin Badgers. .
If you are majoring in education no better school to go to than UW-Milwaukee, UWM
by Pissedoffdad January 16, 2012
Most Over Rated School in the Country.
My daughter went to University of Chicago, now she is working as stripper because she can't get into med school. she has $125,000 in student loans.
by Pissedoffdad March 15, 2011

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