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A guy who will say he loves you and kiss you and treat you like the queen of the world. And then after 3 months totally break your heart by breaking up with you over text. Then tell you the next day he doesn't like you at all anymore and likes another girl. Then 3 days after you break up he'll ask out one of your good friends on valentine's day and not give a shit about you. Then he'll treat you like absolute shit and act like you're a bitch because you try to talk to him about your previous relationship.
Girl 1: Oh my god! *starts crying*
Girl 2: Oh my god he is such a Brogan
Girl 1: He just did it out of no where!
Girl 2: He said he loved you though!
Girl 1: Well he doesn't now! :'(
by PissedOffExGirlfriend April 23, 2012

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