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2 definitions by Pissed off Guy living in Jersey

Any asshole at work, who sucks up to there boss, a corporate tool, a person who will do anything to make a buck, illegal aliens, people who work just so they can buy drugs
1: Mr. Illegal alien who waits on street corners to recieve work, or 2: that retarded ass, who spends all his/her money on drugs and then complains that that there broke, these two are just some examples my friends, of what a SCUM LICKER is, though there are many, many different types of Scum Lickers, just like how feces comes is many, shapes, colors, sizes, and smells, so does are friend the Scum Licker
by Pissed off Guy living in Jersey December 03, 2007
A fat women who is geting married, a fat ungly woman with an attitude, smelly fat women who trap you into marring them because there pregnant, a mans wife who lets herself go a turns into a fat fucking pig
A troll bride is that stupid, annoying, loud mouthed, fat, smelly, high foreheaded, ugly bitch, who your best bud is getting married too, because he put his dick in the ugly whore and managed to impregnate her, and whom is now being traped by the ungly lump of pig shit into getting married.

by Pissed off Guy living in Jersey December 03, 2007