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A diva-wannabe chick who thinks she's the shit just because she has a big ass and coins fucktarded terms like "New Yorican" let alone, "J-Lo." Is convinced that she's barrier breaker and inspiration for all Latinas out there, but she's really just a phoney, trick-ass floozy who needs to stop "Reppin' the Bronx!" Despite her Latina pride, she tries to look a white chick by dying her hair blonde and wearing those ridiculous blue contacts in...what was that music video called?
I wanna buy the new perfume "Glow" by J-Ho, but I'm afraid it'll sink into my skin and I'll get slut rabies and smell like ass.
by Pissed Off Chick July 18, 2003
A family of that belonging to an order called whitetrash that is a haircut consisting of species such as the skullet, femullet, la mulletino, and many others. The most common and classic specimen that is to be found is a sophisticated anterior and a raggedy, fucked posterior.
See your local trailor park dealer.
by Pissed Off Chick July 17, 2003

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