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Magic in a bottle.
Eugene: Lordy, Yancy, why the hell are you grinning so big?

Yancy: I haven't pooped in eight days!

Eugene: Really, why is that?

Yancy: I killed a couple of bottles of Imodium last week. *wink*

Eugene: Oh.
by Pissant Fuckwad April 23, 2010
A dumb bitch.
Billy: Who's that dumb bitch?

Janet: Oh, you mean that crazy skank on the boob tube that's slathering herself in E.V.O.O. and acting like a imbecile?

Billy: Yeah.

Janet: That's Rachael Ray.

Billy: Oh.
by Pissant Fuckwad April 23, 2010
The antimatter of Imodium
Rufio: Do you know what happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945?

Joe: Yeah, we dropped atomic bombs.

Rufio: No, laxatives touched Imodium....TWICE.

Joe: Oh.
by Pissant Fuckwad April 23, 2010
Something that happens when you dress like a slut.
What the hell, why was I just raped?

Look at how you're dressed.

by Pissant Fuckwad February 19, 2009

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