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a urband wind god mith or reality? this is a person that controlls the wind with a wind cape or some thing like that..... the god of the zepher i guess needs a cape to completly controll the wind so i think that is why they call him zephercape?!? "This is a imaginary mith who some fool made up just to get attenction." so don't be a fool listen to drowning pool!
I am zephercape ...ph33r my cape!!! i will blow you away with my wind power and steel your b33r!!
by PIRO SANN May 13, 2003
The end of the world of evil minions called pokemon. these are little mind traps that targets little kids and destroy their brains in to mush!!
A little kid sees this show he will kill to see it then his friends talk him out of it and he sees.... WHAT IN THE #*$%! WAS I THINKING. so think of this when you here about pokemon!
by Piro sann May 12, 2003

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