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Used to describe someone who is a worthless human being, much like an actual pile of piss that has no value.
Damn dude, your brother is a total pile of piss
by PirateTribez May 18, 2011
When someone at a funeral drops or knocks over the casket and the body of the deceased happens to come out. Although rare in it's nature, reports show that it can and has happened.
Jim: "How was the funeral dude, I am sorry for your loss"

Eric: "It would have been fine if my drunk uncle wouldn't have been a pallbearer. We had a Cadavalanche."
by PirateTribez May 18, 2011
Pronounced "Ay-nay-lee-en" it is a way to describe a very strange bowel movement in which a very strange excrement comes out.
You should have seen this Analien I layed yesterday. I can hardly even describe what it looks like, so I just took this picture
by PirateTribez May 18, 2011
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