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1) GTFOML; an acronym for "get the fuck off my lawn!" This saying originated by retired grandparents who were tired of having the neighborhood hoodlums tramble around their carefully tended lawns. It's now widely used by nerds everywhere who want to tell other people to get away.

2) GTFOML; an acronym for "get the fuck outta my life" which is commonly used by angsty teenagers who are sick of people (friends, family, teachers, police) bringing them down with rules and morals. People use it when they want to tell someone to leave them alone and exit out of their life.
Person A: Wow, you're ugly.
Person B: GTFOML.

Person A: Hey, can you pass the salt, please?
Person B: GTFMOL.
by Pirate King July 01, 2005
A dancer and bard skill in the MMORPG, Ragnarok Online. When accidently not used in WoE to protect ones' guild castle, it makes people say "fuck" a lot and swear at their own guild members while creating hemorrhoids for themselves from taking the game too seriously.
"I am so disappointed in everyone. WHERE was the pluck?!"

"Goddamnit! You fucking people! You don't understand how fucking pissed off this fucking makes me. This is the most incompetent bullshit I've ever fucking seen. I fucking leave to pick someone up and you can't fucking pluck when I've been telling you for ten motherfucking minutes?!"
by Pirate King July 01, 2005
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