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95 definitions by Piranha

A moronic marketing gimmick that retailers like to use.
I'm getting so sick of hearing about "Christmas in July", please STOP!
by Piranha July 07, 2005
A hot girl of Italian ancestry
Wow, she is such a good ragu!
by Piranha October 29, 2004
A religious Zealot who pressures people to subscribe to their own religios beliefs, even after the target has said they are not interested. Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses are particularly notorious Bible Thumpers.
a bro: "Hey,there are some Mormon Missionaries at the door to talk to you!"

me: "Damn, I told those Bible Thumper Mormons to go away, where is my Pepper Spray at?"
by Piranha March 24, 2008
The act of a business terminating service to a customer, unlike traditional service terminations for non-payment, being Sprinted usually is more due to a customer being high maintenance and/or expectation.
He just got sprinted by his bank since he protested the monthly fees in his account a few months in a row.
by Piranha August 04, 2007
Southwest Airlines equivalent of SSSS (see previously accepted definition highlighted) . Upon receiving the checkerboard you have to go through extensive secondary security screening because of pre-selected criteria.
Due to me flying one-way, I was given the checkerboard treatment by Southwest. Now I have to go through extensive security before the flight.
by Piranha January 26, 2006
A cable "so-called" news network famous for it's liberalism as well as always striving to include the "Atlanta Spin" in stories
Please CNN...I know who I want to vote for.......enough brainwashing and boasting Atlanta this and that!
by Piranha November 02, 2004
A kick ass entertainment district on the western side of downtown Cleveland alongside the Cuyahoga River that has some rockin' nightclubs, bars, and restaurants.
Every weekend I went to the Flats during college, I could count on always getting plastered.
by Piranha February 03, 2007