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A hot girl of Italian ancestry
Wow, she is such a good ragu!
by Piranha October 29, 2004
The most talented and beautiful actress in the world. Eva has such a youthful glow she can play diverse roles ranging from a high school student in one movie to a club dancer fleeing the law in another film all the way to a housewife.
Dang, I wish I ran across Eva Longoria's path before Tony Parker did.
by Piranha April 20, 2006
Southwest Airlines equivalent of SSSS (see previously accepted definition highlighted) . Upon receiving the checkerboard you have to go through extensive secondary security screening because of pre-selected criteria.
Due to me flying one-way, I was given the checkerboard treatment by Southwest. Now I have to go through extensive security before the flight.
by Piranha January 26, 2006
Area code encompassing the lamest city in the United States, Rochester, N.Y. as well as the surrounding region.
All of the 585Rochesterians made a big fuss when 716 was yanked from them and given to Buffalo.Time to call a wambulance!
by Piranha August 29, 2006
The act of a business terminating service to a customer, unlike traditional service terminations for non-payment, being Sprinted usually is more due to a customer being high maintenance and/or expectation.
He just got sprinted by his bank since he protested the monthly fees in his account a few months in a row.
by Piranha August 04, 2007
A politically correct and inclusive term for Thanksgiving and Christmas encouraged by the liberals.
It'd be considered a borderline hate crime to have a "Christmas sale", nowadays the PC term is "Holiday sale"!
by Piranha November 17, 2006
Crap military drill instructors like to say to basic trainees when they aren't performing to expectation.
PRIVATE...........You shot out the Humvee's tires instead of the target..........You are ATE UP!
by Piranha October 29, 2004

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