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The greatest pop music group to have ever hit the stage, puts the Spice Girls to shame. All the dissers are just jealous of them!
I would love to run across the Pussycat Dolls path and have them sing me "Don't Cha" and "StickWitU" in person :)
by Piranha June 08, 2006
A bunch of subversive and seditious communist lovers who claim to be safeguarding rights when in fact they are only interested in promoting the socialist agenda and hugging up to dangerous people and ideals.
The ACLU should be outright banned as a subversive organization from the United States!
by Piranha December 22, 2005
An latino organization primarily consisting of subversives whose membership are usually illegals to begin with. La Raza is essentially their equivalent of the KKK and NAACP. It should be noted however, that there are just as many legal and progressive Mexicans however that sees La Raza for what they really are.
All of the La Raza subversives are planning to march in force next week to try and strongarm the federal government in giving all illegals a permanent pass into this country.
by Piranha April 28, 2006
A lame, boring Seattle wannabe.
Portland only wishes it had anywhere near the amount of activities and attractions that Seattle has!
by Piranha March 09, 2006

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