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34 definitions by Pipe Downn

A fake turd.

Derived from combination of sham and poo.
I thought the dog had managed to crap in the bathroom cabinet, but it was just shampoo.
by Pipe Downn March 21, 2010
24 18
Another word for "cheerleader"
Look at that jocksucker - she only became a cheerleader so she could meet guys even more stoopid than herself.
by Pipe Downn November 01, 2008
7 1
A retard who plays the guitar.

Pronounced "g-ee-tard" - with a hard "g", and emphasis on the "ee" sound.

Applies particularly if excessive guitar-playing has caused or contributed to the retardation.
Chuck has been playing Smoke On The Water for the last seven hours.

What a guitard!
by Pipe Downn October 12, 2008
12 7
A new con introduced when people stop falling for the old con.
Republican 1: George Bush? But that old liar is completely unelectable!

Republican 2: No, this is his son, George "W" Bush.

Republican 1: A neocon! You think they'll fall for it?

Republican 2: Like Dick Cheney's hunting partner.
by Pipe Downn June 13, 2011
8 4
A computer font whose letters are constructed from stick figures engaged in anal sex.
If you write the name "Condoleeza" in the dongbutts font, it sends out the wrong message to the youth of America.
by Pipe Downn September 14, 2009
4 1
Stupidity of such flagrance that even a dog would be boggled by it.
Jack: Wait, Mitt Romney just said 47% of his electorate were losers and his job would be to ignore them?
Jake: Sheer dogbogglery.
by Pipe Downn October 27, 2012
3 1
The study of certain prehistoric hominids who, it is theorised, may bear some relation to homo sapiens.

These creatures were primitive hunter-gatherers, subsisting on a diet of bears, wolves and caribou, and armed with only the most primitive varmint-rifles and rudimentary helicopters. Their cranial capacity is estimated at one quarter that of homo sapiens, though archaeological evidence suggests they had attained the basic skills of flint-working, fire-making, and gratuitous self-publicity.

It is believed they held a peculiarly close relationship with the species vulpes vulpes, and were in fact dependent on Fox for survival.
Hoccimum Folksiensis, a primitive form of tool-using hominid, which possessed rudimentary thumbs but no autocue ability.

Palintology: proudly regressing human knowledge one Heck at a time.
by Pipe Downn June 13, 2011
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