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1. Someone whose infernal tweeting literally robs you of all your energy and patience.

2. Someone who uses up all your friendship points by over tweeting bullshit all day. See also twidiot.
Exasperated Gasp: Thats it, {insert name here} is getting blocked off my twitter. These tweets are sucking the life outta me. Efiin twitubus!

Isnt this dude at work? Why did I add him to my twitter? Ive never seen a grown dude tweet like a 13 year old girl. Twit-u-bus all day.
by Pinnacle Music October 01, 2009
A place where cyberthugs and webbitches meet and greet to exchange misogyn/misandr -istic tweets, status updates and wall comments.
via facebook wall post: Ay yo, whats good with that lol smiley face! you know how we do on these interstreets!

reply via facebook wall post: check your phone. we need to put each other to sleep yo!
by Pinnacle Music October 01, 2009

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