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One of the best alcoholic drinks ever made, a mixture of the soda Mountain Dew with Captain Morgan, resulting in CapManDew.
Pinky: Yo, got some 'Cap wit me, man, wanna watch Friday and drink it?

Dawg: Naw, man. Here, put this 'Dew in it, we'll make CapManDew. Keeps u awake longer.
by PinkytheFloyd September 11, 2009
Pornolove: When a person views so much porn featuring the same person that the viewer becomes emotionally attached to the pornoactress/actor.
Jerry: I'm depressed because I can't find Babe-a-licious's phone number on the internet... I'm in love with her

Tom: No you're not, you're just experiencing pornolove you dumbass. Add some variety, why don't you.
by PinkytheFloyd August 21, 2009
The practice of riding in other friend's cars as a main source of transportation. Mostly practiced by 15-18 year olds who do not own cars, however occasionally practiced by adults. Name is taken from the more popular couchsurfing.
Dude, Andrew is always carsurfing like a motherfucker. He needs to get his own damn ride!
by Pinkythefloyd July 28, 2010
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