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An indicident where a woman engaging in anal sex looses control of her bowels and defecates uncontrollably in a typically explosive manner.
"So, I was making love to Charlotte from behind. But wouldn't you know it, she wasn't ready for it and nasty charred all over the place!"

"Jenny, are you alright?"
"No. I nasty charred last night. It was really embarassing."
by PinkMoustache October 12, 2006
A documentary that uses false information or preys upon the viewers emotions to make an absurd argument. Pseudocumentaries are typically propaganda films, often found on the internet, using scary music and vivid images to purport their views. In short, pseudocumentaries are bullshit.
"Listen man, you have to watch 'Loose Change.' It'll change your whole world!"
"Um, dude, that's a pseudocumentary at best."

"So, I just saw Michael Moore's latest pseudocumentary. That thing was just loaded with fear music."
by pinkmoustache November 25, 2007

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