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2 definitions by Pink Polo

1.The result of a sexual union between a dwarf and a midget
If Gary Coleman and Mini-Me had a love child it'd be a dwidget.
by Pink Polo January 30, 2005
12 1
A well-off Republican who was raised on a Country Club, drives a BMW, and spends their free time playing either tennis or golf. They know they are arrogant assholes, and they are proud of it. They're good looking, well bred, well mannered, yuppies with Daddy's credit card in their wallet and a pair of loafers on their feet.
Non-collar popper 1: Look at those arrogant collar poppers over there in that BMW.
Non-collar popper 2: They're probabally on their way over to the Country Club to play tennis.
Non-collar popper 1: While we are here doing work.
Non-collar popper 2: I wish I could be a collar popper.
by pink polo December 08, 2004
94 83