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A person who gets shot with a hot pepper defense spray containing a visible pink colored skin dye assailant marker.

Skunks use a defensive spray if harassed. Pink Stinker is a hot pink pepper spray product with a visible skin dye assailant marker. 'Stinker' is one many nick names for a skunk; the spray contains a pink skin dye, therefore Pink Stinker. Don't mess with Pink Stinker or you'll get sprayed.
1) She pink stinkered him and that dude will be pink for days.
2) He messed with her the wrong way and she pink stinkered him.

3) I don't know who he is but I pink stinkered that dude and he shouldn't be hard to find.

4) Don't mess with me! or I'll pink stinker your ass.
5) Fool, keep up that shit and I'll pink stinker your ass.
6) He grabbed her ass and that bitch pink stinkered him.
#pink dyed assailant #pink assailant marker #pink dye pepper spray weapon #pink dye marker #pink marker
by Pink Mephitis March 17, 2010
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