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4 definitions by Pingoir

The increasingly irritating advert to the right.
I developed a tick under my left eye thanks to that IMVU advert.
by Pingoir June 13, 2007
You're having a laugh if you think I'm putting my mobile number into that, mate.
Laughing, I proceeded to fill in the Crush Calculator until asked for my mobile phone number. Panicked, I rushed headlong to my Cookies folder and deleted the contents therein forthwith.
by Pingoir August 14, 2007
I'd hit it. Yes indeed.
I laugh long and loud at those witty busted tees.
by Pingoir August 25, 2007
I can do nought but pronounce this supposed abbreviation as "few-nee"
What sort of tosspot abbreviates funny to "funi"?
by Pingoir August 17, 2007