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2 definitions by Pineapples

1. The sound of a sneeze
2. A type of zebra stew that s cooked in a tie-shaped pot.
3. Something Alfreddy Neuman would say
4. Something from MAD magazine, which has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with MAD TV. DAMNIT, STOP THINKING THAT!
1. "potrezebie!" "bless you."
2. We had potrezebie for dinner last night- then grenpeace came in and we got arrested. I guess Zebras are endangered.
3. potrezebie
4. potrezebie
by Pineapples August 07, 2003
6 8
I have a pineapples shirt, box, clock, and sox.
by Pineapples August 07, 2003
86 359