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An unexpected and unidentifiable item found in your food.
"Ooh, there's something in my chocolate brownie. I'm not sure what it is though.
It must be a pelican nut."
by Pineapplepolarbear January 05, 2012
Social Miscreants
An incompetent, inconsiderate, or otherwise completely intolerable individual, causing others to feel that this individual needs to cease their irritating behaviour. This individual is highly unlikely to do so, and will forever remain needing 'to not'.
1- "That guy is staring at me, and he's really creepy. He needs to not."

A: "A woman asked me at work today how the lift (elevator) works, because she's 'not from round these parts'..."
B: "She needs to not."

3- "They need to not. Get the smack-bat out."

4- Babies crying and mothers ignoring them/glaring at your look of judgment - a classic example of 'People-Who-Need-To-Not'.
by PineapplePolarBear March 29, 2013
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