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The cutest, kindest, most perfect girl in the entire world.
Cassandra or Cassie is the bestestestestestest person in the world
by Pina Colada July 31, 2006
refers to something that is incredibly awesome. like the best ever.

*note*-guys, when you say this, you sound homosexual. so if you are straight, you might want to not say it"
"that bike is bitchin'"
"i know, it's so spiciliious"
by Pina colada January 06, 2007
usually refers to someone who is albino and has some crazy awesome piano skills. they like violets.
"he likes the taste of soap."
"dude, he's a total doster. that's so cool!"
by Pina colada January 06, 2007
Don't do anything. Stay where you are.
"Dude, don't you know that rules of the game? You got "Moot". You don't go anywhere."
by Pina colada January 06, 2007

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