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Variation: also written as pimpysmack

Usage: Noun
a. An impudent act intended more as humor than hostility, especially an attempt to flame, shame, or slam another person for the comedic enjoyment of the speaker and audience at the expense of the target.

b. A light-hearted yet willfully inconsiderate smart-alec act.

c. A figurative pimp smack or pimpsmack; A dis (disrespect) that's intended to be funny.

d. Acknowledgement of any of the above acts; touché
Ex 1: In online gaming, tea-bagging another player, or an act of "friendly fire" where the victim isn't upset, or is involved in similar light-hearted retaliation. <Teammate 1 "kills" Teammate 2 for his ammo or weapons...> Teammate 2: "You pimpy-smackin' little whore, bring that shit back!"

Ex 2: Embarrassing friends in front of their new romantic interests. ("Oh, look at Johnny's baby picture, he has a hair that pees!")

Ex 3: <Bill, giving a presentation...> Bill: "What we see here is..." Mary interrupts, "...that clearly Bill created this presentation after his 8th beer." Bill: "Pimpy-smack, ouch!"
by Pimpysmack Paul March 04, 2011

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