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A really intense physical sport, in which one works every muscle in their body to exhaustion in order to win a race on water. It takes a lot of time. Basically if you're a dude you'll be all like dammit crew keeps me from having enough time to get laid, and if you're a chick then you'll be all like dammit these broad shoulders and huge thighs keep me from getting laid, and if you're a coxswain then you'll be all like why do rowers complain so much yelling and stearing a boat is so much more demanding... I actually have to count to ten while stearing a boat, they just stick an oar in the water and pull.
"Dude... crew sucks..."
"Why are you still on it?"
"Because... ummm... well... it's not fun..."
"Exactly! why don't you quit?"
"Because I like it."
by Pimpologist December 01, 2007

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