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It is when a person purposely gets his friend and that friend's sister both dead drunk and then tricks them into having sex with each other.
Kevin pulled the Mangione Mix-up on Mike and his sister, and everyone got a good laugh.
by Pimp Master K March 28, 2003
Refers to Rob Dimmers Penis because when he puts it inside a girl there's always an explosion. BOOM!
Rob pulled out the Dimmer Dynamite and my jaw dropped at the magnificent sight of it.
by Pimp Master K April 02, 2003
You begin by combining your cum with cow shit. You then freeze this new liquid into solid form. You finish by telling a friend that is a new type of ice cream. Warning: only allow friend to eat 2 scoops - anymore is considered deadly.
When Mike pulled The Silly Cow Sludge on Kevin, he forgot the two scoop rule and thus killed Kevin
by Pimp Master K March 28, 2003

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