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Abbreviation for Interracial Relationship.
Why are people so against IRs? We're all humans. Why does race even matter?
by Pillthrower February 21, 2009
Abbreviation for Out Of Wedlock.
I heard through some message board, that so and so race has a 70% oow birth rate.
by Pillthrower February 06, 2009
An American Black Person Who Worships White People Over Their Own. And Usually Insults Their Own In Favor Of The Flat Butt, Microdick Having People.
Did this guy just say he will never date another black woman again, because this one female broke his heart? What a coon!

ab: another cop pulled you over?
cd: I hate the man but I love women with his features.
ab: Yeah, I hate those witches too for having our hair and skin color! That's why I left my baby momma, when she got pregnant.
cd: let's go find some beckys and ambers and do some trains and facials.
by PillThrower July 31, 2010
A user who creates a fake account, just to talk trash to someone or troll forums.
Funny how this "new" user has such anger against John Smith. Must be a mask.
by Pillthrower May 23, 2009
The abbreviation for the words, Black men.
People are so lazy, they use only letters to spell things out.

While IM-ing
Keisha: IDK, if I want to marry a bm or wm.
Tiffany: Girl, don't waste anymore time on those hood guys.
by Pillthrower January 13, 2009
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