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Putting something off so you can masterbate instead.
I should have finished writing that english paper, but I procasterbated instead.
by PilgoreThaGoat February 01, 2011
Similar to a snickerdoodle, but substitute semen for cinnamon.
I made a batch of jizzerdoodles for my girlfriends birthday. She said she was on a diet, I said they were low fat, and she sucked em down.
by PilgoreThaGoat February 21, 2011
Jizz, semen, ejaculate, sperm, splooge, you get the idea.
My girlfriend was hungry after our run, so I gave her a post workout protien snack.
by PilgoreThaGoat February 21, 2011
The act of placing balls over sexual partners eyes, and ejaculting while choking them.
Last night i got my girl to wear a belgian turtleneck.... if you know what i mean.
by PilgoreThaGoat February 21, 2011
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