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It's the sticky, icky, icky, icky, ooooooooo weeeeeeee. One who smokes an "L" for dolo.
Yo man, your an up dog.

What's up dog.

Nothing man, what's up with you. Want to smoke Lfadolo.

Nah man, I quit.

Well, I'm gonna get Gurst Bell to smoke us up an Lfadolo.
by Piklaus Bell November 26, 2009
I white chick that takes a trip to Jamaica, has sex with a black man. She becomes pregnant and flys back to her motherland to bare the bastard child.
Yo Johnny.


Heard your sister is a Gurst Bell.

Shut up Joel and Geoff.

Nah man, your brother didn't make our cabinets yet.
by Piklaus Bell November 26, 2009

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