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A child or otherwise short person who is abnormaly fat, almost to the point of being wider than tall.
Check out that fat bitch! Oh, look she has Boomba Lada's too..
by piker September 04, 2003
A word used to descibe the incomprehensible language you and your friends speak in when you've thrown back a few too many. It can also be used to insult someone who uses poor grammar, has no sense of phonics, and utterly butchers the English language.
We speak English in this country, Joe. Not Fuckonese.
by Piker August 14, 2005
Act of hanging out; or chilling in a car with some of your peeps.
After the movie James, Josh and Megan where parking lot pimping at Taco Bell in the Honda.
by Piker March 10, 2003
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