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A fantasy world created that was not to be limited to just medieval. A nexus enviroment of all times and realities.
The basis of Rhydin came from three seperate worlds of Role-Play prior. A jumbling of all together. Whether or not the old days were the best or not is entirely up to the beholder.
by Pike June 29, 2004
Bristol word for a towny, originates both from the fact that most come from southmead and that they always hang around broadmead. Term of abuse
Fucking Meaders!
by Pike August 11, 2003
When somebody has to test the reaction of the people they are with by saying something to the effect of, "I'm well up for <insert inane notion to be proposed here>". If the group approves the motion is carried. Examples of people like this are RETARDS.
Idiot: "I'm well up for getting a cold drink"
Rest of group: "Yeah I'm thirsty too lets get a drink"
Onlooker: "Hahaha they could get a drink but they are probably too stupid to count the money they need to exchange for the goods they are purchasing."


Idiot: "I'm well up for getting a cold drink"
Normal UnRetard: "Hey you stupid phuck, if you want to get a drink just get one. Why do you need the groups approval. *PUNCH*"
by Pike August 30, 2003

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