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Social outcasts obsessed with Anime and anything Japanese. They fail to realize that the Japanese are not the ONLY asians in the world. But because of low IQ, possessing the mentality of a 12 year old, bad hygiene, bad acne, bad weight issues, bad hair, and overall unnattractiveness which applies to both genders of the species of Anime Freaks, they fail to realize that there are other asian countries and overall other HUMANS in the world besides the Japanese. Because of this, they are rejected EVERYWHERE, by their own race, people, society, and even by the JAPANESE.

Have an unhealthy obsession with Japan and anything Japanese.

Tend to write horrible self insert fanfiction about their favorite anime.

Are always generally unnattractive. Some TRY really hard to look attractive, usually the fan girls, but fail in even trying because they try to look Asian. Which is once again another fail because one race can NEVER look like another. EPIC FAIL.

Incorrectly use Japanese. And are limited to mainly saying: KAWAII!!! Because it is the only word they know how to say in Japanese. Go up to any Asian they meet and start to speak in horrendous broken Japanese without realizing that the asian they are talking to is actually: Cambodian, Hmong, Chinese, Vietnamese, Burmese, Karin, Taiwanese, Malaysian etc. And has no idea what the idiot wannabe is saying.

The Fanboys will think that asian girls will LOVE them... But... No. Bad acne, scraggly hair, skinny little frames, or being morbidly obese DOES NOT APPEAL to people of ANY race.

Always travel in little hordes in school, malls, everywhere, screaming and shrieking in incredibly ear bleeding, nauseating voices.

Have an obsession with Hentai or Yaoi for some reason. They withdraw into their own little worlds so much that even REAL LIFE HUMAN PORN is rejected by them. Only FAKE CARTOON PORN is acceptable to the Anime Freak.

Always give each other fake Japanese names, and use Japanese honorifics like Chan and San, even though they are WHITE. AND LIVE IN AMERICA.

Have an inferioty complex.

Try really hard to be something they are not, and will NEVER BE, and fail at doing so.

Tend to have the drawing skills of a 6 year old, and then put it up in any image site available and proudly call it anime and: A WORK OF ART.

Most Anime Freaks will tend to be Twilight fangirls.

Are, extremely perverted, disturned, and twisted in the head. Why? Because of 4chan. The most depraved site on the face of the earth.

Because they cannot date out of their own freakish species, they have resorted to inbreeding, which has caused dimentia, and even more craziness in their offspring.

Are terrified of embracing their own race.
Being an actual Asian girl of not only Japanese, but Chinese and Burmese decent, hates Wapanese Anime Freaks because they make Asians everywhere look bad. Actually... they make the human species look bad.

At school, when my friend asian friends an I walk to our US Government class. We have to pass by an extremely loud, ugly, shrieking group of anime freaks who for some reason decided to hold their annual five minute gathering outside of the History and Government classes.

Anime Freak 1: (Runs towards other anime freaks screaming) INYUYAHSA!!!!!

Anime Freak 2: OMG! Sasuke-chan!!

Anime Freak 3: EEEEEE!!!! Sakura-chan!! EEEEEE!!!

(Anime freaks all scream and jump in unison) Causing a whole hallways worth of people's ears to bleed.

And this happens... EVERYDAY.
by PikaKitty May 20, 2009

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