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A talentless talk show host who typifies everything that is wrong with the entertainment industry in Australia.

McManus originates from Perth and has won countless awards for his talk show of the same name.

Originally described as a comedian, Rove would start his show with a David Lettermen-style stand-up routine. He was forced to ditch this after failing to make anyone laugh for three years staight (source: Guiness Book of Records). He can now be described as a businessman who shamelessly uses the death of his soapie-star wife to force guilty and retarded viewers to watch his show.

The format of his show is sourced from every successful talk show of the past 20 years and he hasn't had an original thought or idea in his life.
Wood Duck: Did you watch Rove McManus last night? It was soooo good.

Normal Human: I did actually but he really isn't very funny and the show is a poor excuse for advertising the movies of Hollywood guests as well as the radio shows of his equally as unfunny Aussie co-hosts.

Wood Duck: Huh? But he won a gold logie last year and his wife died. Plus it was so funny when Guy Pearce ate the M & Ms Rove puts on the set when interviewing stars.

Normal Human: Fuck off cunt.

Wood Duck: OK Mr Grumpy. I have to go anyway. I'm taking my life partner to an AFL game followed by an Adam Sandler movie.
by Pigs Head April 08, 2008

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