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4 definitions by Piggy Noles

To be shamed and riculed over the internet after posting a graphic account of a personal experience on a message board. One who did not resist an overwhelming temptation to reveal embarassing personal information on an internet message board.
He’s been toved; he toved.
by Piggy Noles October 06, 2003
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An adult frequenter of internet message boards who overcompensates for guilt associated with youthful homosexual experimentation by engaging in bizarre behavior over the internet e.g. buys interfriendships with gifts and inter-ass-kissing forum members; a delusional person who can not distinguish real life facts from internet fictions; one who jumps to inter-conclusions by disregarding real life facts.
He's such a tover; Stupid tover!
by Piggy Noles October 06, 2003
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aka rape
Just say 'No!' to surprise-sex; Men can stop surprise-sex; He experienced surprise-sex while in the mental hospital as a kid (see Tove).
by Piggy Noles October 07, 2003
7 24
Slang for the head of the penis. To offer someone apple, is to suggest they suck your cock.
by Piggy Noles October 07, 2003
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