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The infliction of pain to a male's testicals, usualy by a female, for pleasure, sexual or otherwise, to one or both parties. Often practiced with consent on masochistic males.

Non-consentual ballbusting is sexual assault and should be reported as such.
"I saw this article on ballbusting the other day. Why would anyone *want* to be kicked in the nuts?"
by PigHouse June 02, 2009
A Communist organisation, blamed for producing RuneScape. Founded in 1997 by Andrew Gower, in order to test Communism for use in the real world.
Jagex:...After all, it's hardly fair to give players an advantage for investing their time and money, is it?

Player: I dunno. Lol that guy has brown hair! What a loser. *Scratches anus*
by Pighouse January 13, 2009
A version of RuneScape produced by Jagex, in which everything is made of either prunes or figs. Visit the PruneScape Wiki for details. To find it, simply search for "UnRuneScape" on a search engine.
Welcome Message: Welcome to PruneScape.
Prune1: Selling Prune prune 400Prunes.
Prune2: Prune.
by Pighouse December 13, 2008

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